Be a Mentor

We have literally hundreds of young students dreaming of a bright and colorful future. You can be the person who helps them achieve their goals. Are you skilled in mathematics, languages, history, writing, chemistry? Do you have time to read to a child, help with a science project, tutor algebra? We have children interested in mechanics, wood shop, agriculture, film, drama, dance, music; in short, just about everything you can imagine! You don’t have to have a teaching degree to teach; you just need a few hours, a bit of patience, and a love of learning.

Share Your Passion

Our kids thrive on learning new skills and exploring their hidden talents. This year, Nancy Clark volunteered to teach water color classes twice a week. The 20 hours she committed to working with our youngsters produced beautiful results! Boys and girls could not wait for class to begin as they tried their hand at shapes, objects, landscapes, and color blending. We have some budding artists among us and they will all look back one day on the summer they first learned to paint in the park!

Share Your Stories

A community of 2,000 people has 2,000 stories to share. Where were you born? Where have you been? What have you done? How did you end up here? You may not think you have much to say or that you haven’t been a part of Los Alamos all that long but every persons history adds to the rich fabric of our community. Come share your stories with us!