The Frances C Dingman Scholarship for the Creative Arts

The $1,000 Frances C Dingman Scholarship for the Creative Arts is established to honor our mother, Frances Coutu Dingman. Fran is a former librarian and practitioner of the visual arts. She is a respected and award-winning water colorist. Even though, at 92 years old, Fran is no longer an active artist she still graces friends and family with hand painted holiday and birthday cards. Each of these is a treasured gift. Fran is also a prolific poet and an active member of an on-line poetry group.

For this scholarship we have settled on a broad definition of the creative arts to include, but not be limited to, the following: visual arts (watercolor, photography, sculpting, etc), performing arts (dance, music, theater), creative writing (prose, poetry, fiction, play or screenwriting). If you are unsure if your interest qualifies please contact us:

Please look through the application carefully and take the time to answer questions thoughtfully. Remember that we are looking for someone who is passionate about the creative process. The Frances C Dingman Scholarship for the Creative Arts is an academically based scholarship however, you do not have to be an honor student to apply. We are looking for promise, not perfection!

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Scholarship Eligiblity

To apply for this $1,000 scholarship, you must attend either Orcutt Academy, St. Joseph High School, or Righetti High School in Orcutt, California or live in Los Alamos, California and attend school elsewhere. You must be a senior in good standing and intend to further pursue your education at a 2- or 4-year college or university or an accredited art institute. The actual dispensation of funds will be made upon proof of enrollment.

Dates for 2020 The application period for 2020 closes on May 1st, 2020

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We are looking for students who have exhibited a passion for and a commitment to expressing themselves through the creative arts. We want students who have demonstrated growth in their chosen area of art and who show an appreciation for other forms of creative expression.

We have a broad definition of the Creative Arts including: creative writing, poetry, theater, music, visual arts, performance arts. If you are not sure if your field of artistic expression is included please contact us. We are looking for students who have a body of work that showcases their passion. You do not have to be an honor student to apply. We are not seeking perfection, we are looking for promise. The quality of your art will weigh as heavily as your grades.

The scholarship application should be completed and submitted online. You may type directly into the form or cut and paste from a text or word file. If you have a compelling reason why this would not be possible please contact us directly, or through your guidance counselor, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please also attach your high school resume or list of extracurricular activities. We require a certified copy of your high school transcript. This is a common request and your school office will be able to do this for you. Please have your transcript sent to: Monna L Dingman, The Los Alamos Foundation, PO Box 477, Los Alamos, CA 93440 Your transcript must arrive no later tha

We require 3 letters of recommendation. At least two should be academic and one may be a community mentor or other person who knows your work. Please submit email addresses and relationship of each of your references and we will contact them directly. Be sure to verify that the persons you choose are willing and able to provide a reference for you. Your application packet cannot be forwarded to the scholarship committee until we have all three of your references.

Visual Artists: Please submit at least two detailed photos of your work. One should be a project that was a graded class assignment and the other a project you did for your own pleasure. Please include with each a paragraph or two on why you chose these examples and what they mean to you. Performing Artists: Please upload or provide links to two samples of your work. This can be dance, music, film or stage. If you have these on Youtube a link will suffice. Otherwise upload a short clip of each. Please also include a brief description of the project and why you chose these examples. Writers: Please upload two examples of your writing. One should be a graded class project and the other can be something you wrote for yourself. Please provide a brief explanation of each piece i.e. “This was for a class project on screen writing.”

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